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Service Philosophy


Service Presence & Attitude:

Where there is commitment there is service, where there is presence there is interaction, where there is great attitude there is commitment, and then it results back to one thing, Service.

ST Logistics is driven by this cycle. As a company, we make sure our staff learns the facets and values of quality service, the goal and the vision in which our operation is built upon.

But quality Service cannot stand alone as it is. It is like a house without a post, a boat without a sail and a tree without root. It is very dependent upon two independent elements that give life and motion to its meaning. These are: Presence and Attitude.

In giving our quality Service, Presence is the idea that makes it move. Only a human person can serve another human person, without your fellow, you can never get quality service, which is why at ST Logistics, we reiterate that our staff should be present in order to interact and serve our clients. They should be here to greet, talk and interact with our clients to make things happen, to make things work and produce a favorable result at the end of each day. Without our staff's presence, there would be no interaction, no connection, and no service.

Now, to give quality Service there must be Presence and the right Attitude. It is attitude that gives meaning to quality. Next to presence, we at ST Logistics make sure that our staff adapts the proper attitude in servicing our clients. They should know the bounds and doors into within the client's personality and make use of it properly. A simple hello and good morning can make a big difference. And if followed by sincerity, empathy and attention, it will inevitably lead into quality service delivered right into the arms of our trusting clients. The right attitude makes simple service quality service, in the same way as a simple cashier can make the day of one customer with a simple smile and hello.

ST Logistics is aware of these three elements of good customer interaction. We are here to serve you with quality, efficiency and sincerity.

You can be sure of that!

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